EIC Cloud

Intelligent Project Management for Construction


“EIC Project” is a cross platform Cloud-hosted software solution designed for the construction industry that automates planning , documentation and progress management for construction projects. So organizations from small to medium sized businesses can drive efficiency and improve business performance. “EIC Project” Solution eliminates time-consuming manual tasks while offering full functionality of dashboard monitoring and reporting so project managers can focus on more important management tasks. Having a flexible and scalable system architecture, it can be customized for implementation based on the different business models of our Clients.
“EIC Project” is an intelligent data lead Solution with centralized Data Management System to simplifying processes, reduce project operational cost and improve management efficiency. It also has the capability to integrate with other Business Systems such as Accounting software.

  • Stay organized & focused for project tasks
  • Simple & easy-to-use web app
  • Enable all team members to update tasks simultaneously
  • Supply chain intelligence, collaboration and connectivity
  • Timely communication with your Clients for project update & requirement analysis
  • Hassle free & Centralized documentation management
  • Mobile friendly interface for site managers & workers
  • Cloud based data centre to store your project information securely
  • Access Control to ensure only the right person can have access to the relevant project data
  • One on one customer training to get you started
  • Monday – Saturday NZ Based technical support

EIC Project

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